A private studio, offering individually drawn tattoos by appointment only. Opened in 2017 artist owned and operated.

Artist bio

Offering 13 years of experience as a tattoo artist, Leah specializes in designing tattoos that translate your idea into a visual rendering drawn to exclusively become your tattoo. Her illustrative style lends well to floral, mandala, line design and nature

inspired concepts. Whether large or small, each tattoo holds a significant impact and intention.


Seeking inspiration through various mediums like acrylic, watercolor, marker, lino printmaking and pencil Leah appreciates exploring new approaches to expand her understanding of composing artwork. In her commitment to grow as an artist, Leah’s passion for creating is balanced with the demand of making permanent artwork that she is so grateful and honored to provide to tattoo collectors such as yourself. Most of all, she enjoys the connection with each collector through the process of every tattoo she makes.




Books are currently closed while I focus on the tattoos I’m currently committed to


The tattoo request submission form will appear here during select booking timeframes. Scheduling announcements are posted regularly on Instagram @LeahLucidly and the Lucid Tattoo Gallery Facebook page.


Things you should know before submitting a request-


You must be 18 or older to submit a request.


I typically schedule three months at a time.


Since I usually receive more requests than I am able to accommodate, submitting a request does not guarantee an appointment.


During the designated booking timeframe, I review every request. Once the submission deadline is reached, I begin replying to the submissions I am able to commit to.


Holding online consultations with three months worth of appointments can take time, your patience is appreciated.


Tattooing full time does not allow adequate time to reply to every submission. If you don’t hear back within 4-6 weeks after submitting your request, please feel free to resubmit next time books open.


A significant amount of time goes into planning and drawing each tattoo I make. Your patience and support with this scheduling process that allows me to focus on making tattoos is greatly appreciated.